Safety, Resilience & Pleasure in the Time of Trump


This is a small group for any woman who has experienced childhood or adult violation – child abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic and other violence. Women of color, queer and genderqueer women, and activists are especially encouraged to participate.

This course is based on somatic practices and principles that will help you to marshal your resilience when it really counts. 

You will learn:

•        How to (re)center in times of turmoil

•        How to use triggers and dissociation as a map to your recovery

•        How to work with shame and loss of self-worth

•        How to reprioritize self-care and pleasure

•        How to mobilize your inner resources in real time


For many women, the election and first month of Trump’s administration has re-opened old trauma.  You may feel like you are standing on dangerous ground. You may feel targeted. Freaked out. Triggered. This is the time to acquire skills necessary to stand up to fear and despair.

Who:  For women survivors of sexual trauma or violence. Limited enrollment.

What: 6-session in-person group 

When: Mondays, beginning March 13, 2017, 6pm-7pm

            (Note: we will not meet on Monday April 3rd)

Cost: $275 for six, 60-minute sessions; $250 before March 1st. Payment by Paypal, credit cards accepted.

To register or for more info, contact me via email or phone (510) 703-7125.