How's your sex life?


Abundant, pleasure-filled, satisfying? Or do you wish for something more — more eroticism, more connection, more variety, more sex...?  Do you like the sex you are experiencing? Or do you wish it could be different somehow? 

You are stronger than your triggers. And your fears. And your body issues. And anything else that is stopping you from having the sex life you want. 

I can help you get "unstuck."

NEW GROUP BEGINNING SOON! From "No" to "Yes": Choosing Pleasure After Trauma - online groups for survivors.  You’ve done your work in therapy — or 12-step groups, yoga, meditation, and other alternative healing modalities. Still, your capacity for enjoying sex (or even thinking you could enjoy sex) is lagging way behind your personal growth. Let’s catch up! For more info, click here.

Coaching & workshops for individuals and couples in Palm Springs, Provincetown, San Francisco & Skype. I am a certified Somatic coach and sex educator who has helped many, many people experience richer, deeper, more authentic and satisfying sex lives.

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